When I started thinking about a milk venture, one thing was pretty clear - we had to go back to the old days when our parents and grandparents could buy milk from a local दूधवाला who they could trust.

Growing up, for my family, we were always buying milk from a nearby farm, or a small dairy farmer who owned his own cattle.

If you remember, the दूधवाला would usually pick up milk and supply it to our homes within a few hours. Sadly, in the past decade or so, this trusted network of local milkmen has disappeared.

We have been very careful in setting up our processes at Farmery so that we can always deliver milk within 24 hours of milking.

Here's the journey Farmery milk undertakes to reach you.

Step 1 - Milking + Chilling

Everything starts at our farms, which are located within a 50-100 km radius of New Delhi.

Each morning and evening, the cows and buffaloes are milked. Close to the usual milking time, the cows line up to enter the milking parlor. It might be interesting to you, that cows get used to their milking schedule and it takes minimal effort for the farmer to assemble them. Once assembled, the farmer first inspects each cow. He then cleans the four teats on the udder ensuring that no dirt enters the milk. The milking machine is then attached. The milking process starts and the milk is piped directly from the cow to the milk tank with no more human touch.

Milking Parlor!

Watch the early morning milking routine at one of #DairyFarms 🙏

Geplaatst door Farmery Milk op Maandag 24 juni 2019
Milking process

The milk is directly collected in the tank and is chilled at 3 degrees celsius immediately in Bulk  Milk Chillers. This prevents microbial growth in milk and maintains quality.

Dairy Farm to Chillers to Tankers!

How does #FarmeryMilk travel from Dairy Farms to your home? In this video, we show you the 1st leg of the journey. After the cows are milked, we bring the milk to chillers which maintain the temperature at 3 degree Celsius. From the chillers, the milked is loaded onto the tankers, the tankers are sealed and depart for quality check.

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Milk storage

Step 2- To Bottling Plant

Next, the milk trucks arrive and are filled up with chilled milk. This happens every 24 hours, as we provide you with fresh milk with no processing. These trucks have special stainless steel bodies that are heavily insulated to keep the milk cold throughout the journey.

Trucks filled with chilled milk being transported to the bottling plant

Our bottling plants are located in Gurgaon. The trucks are sealed before starting their journey of 30-50 kms to these plants.

Step 3- Bottling

Once the trucks arrive at the bottling plant, our quality team opens the seal and takes a sample for quality testing. These samples are tested for milk fat, protein, bulk milk cell count, bacteria count. If milk does not meet quality standards it is rejected.

After this, the milk is taken out and filled into glass bottles. The reason why we use glass is that it is one of the safest materials, non-toxic and non-reactive, compared to other packaging materials such as plastic, which can leach into food products.

Throughout the process, the temperature of the milk is maintained at 4 degrees Celsius - so that it doesn’t get curdled.

Step 4- Out for Delivery

Now, from the plant, the bottles leave for our delivery hubs in Gurgaon, South Delhi, South-West Delhi, and Ghaziabad.

Finally, the deliveries are completed within 24 hours of milking, from our delivery hubs to your home. This is done by our team of 150 delivery executives, spread across Delhi NCR.

Farmery's milkmen

And that’s is the journey of #Farmery Milk from our dairy farms to your home.

I want to add here that throughout the entire journey, we are focused on the milk’s cleanliness and integrity. These are the value we stand by, and the values we deliver.

Farmery Milk will always serve Raw Milk, just like the way nature intends.