Most of us would have in mind the image of a milkman coming home to deliver milk, which is now fading as pasteurized packet milk is becoming a habit. Let’s rewind and see why is this happening.

There are, in fact, a couple of reasons if you think about it.

As the population is getting urbanized, people are furthering themselves away from farms. At the same time, they are now more considerate about hygiene and better aware about adulteration.

Majority of people, you’d see, would complaint about the quality of milk delivered by the local milkmen. In the light of this, pasteurized milk sourced from big dairy brands seems like a good alternative, with its homogenized quality of milk.

However, now, with people becoming conscious about their consumption choices, there is an increasing concern about the effect of pasteurized milk. Many are facing health issues, others wish for more transparency, while some simply crave the nostalgia of a fresh wholesome glass of milk.

We, at Farmery, believe that we can prove to be a better milkman for your home for three reasons.

Clean, Farm Fresh Milk.

We serve "Raw Unprocessed Chilled Milk" milked within 12-24 hours before delivery. This is quite unique unlike other brands where milk is 4-5 days old and heavily processed for consistency.

This is possible because we have no middlemen. The milk is sourced directly from co-managed farms, helping us reduce food miles. This in turn helps control the bacterial count 4-5 times better than traditional collection center milk.

Our farms are modern, hygienic, and cattle-friendly. We ensure our cattle sheds and cattle are washed multiple times during the day. The milking of cows is done by automatic milking machine and is untouched by hands.

The milk obtained from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives (such as formalin), which is widely used by local dairy vendors. We ensure the milk stays safe by using cold supply chain processes.

Our word is our bond.

4000 people trust us already- that’s the number of people we serve daily. For us, customer satisfaction holds prime importance, and we’re happy to hear back from them. We have built a strong community of people who are conscious about their consumption choices, and we strive to provide them with the best.

Transparent business.

When 70% of milk sold is adulterated, the least we can do is be honest. We look at the business of Farmery as an investment for better health of the people.

To build the trust of our customers, we have all lab reports published on the website for their perusal. For the sake of transparency and community building, we also organize farm visits for our customers. Come over and meet our lovely farmers and the cattle :)

Featured Image: Pinterest