This blog has been contributed by my friend, Mongoose.

It starts out with one wandering eye. Then general boredom. Before long it's outright disinterest. We're talking nursing babies. These are the tell-tale signs that your baby is ready to hit the bottle.

Great for baby, terrifying for mum.

For new mums, weaning can be as nervy as writing exams. How will the baby take to new food? Have I started too early? Too late? The key to every jittery mother is baby steps. Most mums cushion the landing by introducing cow milk gradually. Once the baby has been given the tiniest taste of cow milk, they can be given a few drops more, then a sipful, just before regular nursing. Eventually, a whole feed session can be given over to cow milk. If all works well, most babies won't know the difference.

Deceptive as it is, it is a common-sense tactic. In fact, the frog-in-the-pan move works like a charm. In a few years, your kid will be using the move on you to break the news of an insane career choice.

Tiger moms demand ‘A’ Grade
About the cow milk though. As with everything, you’d want to ensure that it’s the safest and healthiest possible. It's going to be baby's first intro to the world. Their first lesson in valuing good taste. So you could get any of the premium packets available in the corner shop or supermarket. But even those packets can't vouch for their contents being chemical- and preservative-free. That's because business sense requires that milk has a long shelf-life. For that, preservatives become a necessary evil. When our grandmothers say that good milk spoils fast, they've got a point.

So, what do concerned mums do? We could yearn for the healthier times of our grandmothers', when all milk was fresh and chemical-free. Or we could tend to the cows and milk them ourselves to be sure of the quality. In fact, that's exactly what we at Farmery decided to do. Here, on the outskirts of the capital, we co-manage farms that do the earth proud. Here, cows aren't pumped with hormones. They’re put out to graze, fed with care, and milked humanely. They get the credit for the milk you'll drink. We just do our best to keep it that way.

  • A-Grade milk that's not laced with preservatives or chemicals
  • Milk that is stored in sterilized glass bottles in a classic contour
  • Milk delivered to your doorstep in all its non-homogenized glory

Test & taste like a sommelier
All you need to do is collect the bottle, boil, and you're set. Let it cool, then pour. Hold it up to the light. Turn it around in your glass, then sip. We'd like you to taste the milk yourself and let your inner connoisseur decide. Maybe you'll pick up hints of wild grass and free song. Maybe you'll take another sip, and then down the whole glass.

Nothing like a glass of fresh cow milk!

Whatever you do, make sure that you let the farm-fresh goodness work on you first. Since you're nursing, the baby would be picking up hints of it too. If baby approves, you're good to go. Just don’t hand the whole bottle to baby. Pour it out into baby’s own baby-safe feeding bottle in whatever ratio you like. You can admire the glass bottle in whatever free time you can get.

Just remember, when your baby makes the transition to the bottle you know who to turn to for sharing feeding duties.