What's the first word that comes to your mind when you think of cheese?
For my friend Shreya Paul, its 'FIT'. Strange, right? Read on to know why she feels that way about cheese.

A wise woman once said, make cheese not war. Oh, wait! I said that. But, yes. Can it BE more true? That salty yummy lump of gooey cheese which has been there for you through quick breakfast sandwich days, late night snacks, failed diet plans and more, is it really good for your health? Well, fear not, I have good news.

Often, people associate cheese with fat and nothing but fat.

They picture cheese dripping from the sides of a juicy meaty ham burger which would put a death nail on their diet. Even parents invent new excuses every day to keep their children away from that so-called unhealthy fat. But is it really true that cheese is bad for you when you're trying to lose weight or even maintain a healthy diet? No, it is not.

Cheese is a good source of some of the most essential nutrients required to have a healthy diet and a happy life. In fact, it helps in maintaining your body weight.


Fat isn’t ALL bad. There are bad fats and then there are good fats. Needless to say that you need fat in your diet plan. Yes! You heard it right. You need fat to stay fit.

Fat is one of the most important and efficient form of energy you need in your diet. Fat molecules in your diet dissolve to form energy in your body. It helps to keep your hair and skin healthy, protect organs and maintains body temperature too. In fact fat protects our body from trauma.

Cheese makes you fit!

Cheese is a fantastic (and let’s not forget delicious) source of fat and nutrients. High-fat cheeses contain small amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). National Library of Medicine has suggested that CLA may help prevent obesity, heart disease, and reduce inflammation. Cheese is an important source of omega 3 acids that keep your heart healthy and prevent heart attacks.


Parents, take note- a cheese pizza every now and then may not be good for your kids but a good hearty cheese salad? Have your way with it without a doubt! Why? Because the goodness of cheese doesn’t end with essential fat. It also provides you with calcium and proteins.

Cheese makes even salad look good!

Cheese is filled with calcium needed for strong bones and teeth. When you’ll be 50 and grumpy from the pain in your joints, trust me you’d wish you’ve had more cheese now. Not only that it’s also filled with Vitamin D, which helps our bodies to absorb that calcium, along with folic acid, zinc, phosphorus, and Vitamins A, B2, B12, and K2. Middle aged women can highly benefit from the calcium in cheese as it enhances bone density and strength.

Cheese is also an excellent source of protein. Trying to gain some muscle power? Say no more, go the cheese way. Spread a dollop of it on your sandwich and you’re good to do.


Oh, no! We’re not just saying it because cheese is absolutely lip smacking. We have solid research to back up our claim.

Cheese makes you happy, literally!

Cheese contains an amino acid called tyro-sine which, when broken down in our bodies, makes us feel euphoric. The fats in cheese also encourage our brains to produce dopamine, a natural feel-good chemical released in our brains' “reward centers”.

So, mothers keep your tension aside, a good cheese sandwich a day will definitely keep the doctor away from your child.

So, smile and say cheese!

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