When it comes to raw milk, we want to be double sure about how clean the glass bottles are! Because if we want the milk to last as long as possible, we need a super clean bottle. Any dirt or bacteria in there, and the milk will start to sour soon. Let alone the infection we might get from an unclean bottle.

That said, I was curious to dive deep into how we reuse glass bottles at Farmery. And all the questions that I came across from our customers piqued my interest in the issue. So, I went to Farmery's bottling plant and asked Piyush, a teammate to help me walk through the procedure.

Before, we dive into how we reuse bottles, Piyush and I had a conversation about why do we use glass bottles, in the first place. As a matter of fact, India generates 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day. And a good proportion of it comes from food packaging. Most milk brands you see, package milk in plastic packets.

Say NO to single-use plastic!

India generates close to 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day. And as Piyush says, the waste management system is not capable to recycle that amount of plastic. A huge amount of this waste comes from food products with plastic packaging such as milk, snacks, chocolates, beverages, and more. It's high time we say NO to single-use plastic, and switch to more sustainable alternatives. #PlasticFree

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Moreover, plastic packaging does no good to our health. There's high chance of plastic interfering with the quality of milk. And those are some reasons why Farmery chose glass bottle packaging.

Now about reuse...

So to reuse a bottle, what needs to be taken care of is that it is absolutely clean. To make sure of that, the bottles undergo multiple stages of inspection and cleaning.

  • Cleaning begins at home
    When we receive a bottle of farm-fresh Farmery milk at our doorstep every morning, we also return the bottle from the previous day. But before we return it, there's more we need to do. That is rinse the bottle with water, so that there is no bacterial growth and damp smell.
  • Inspection
    But there could be days when we forget to rinse the bottle. To check that, a Farmery member inspects all the bottles and separates the ones that are not rinsed. This is because the unrinsed bottles could have developed bacteria that cannot be treated further. (So make sure you rinse the bottle! 😉)
  • Scrubbing and Dipping
    The rinsed bottles are then brought to the bottling plant. At the bottling plants, these bottles are scrubbed and dipped in hot water. This is the preliminary treatment.
  • Rotatory machine
    Next, the bottles go into an automatic rotatory machine. This makes sure that every speck of dirt is cleaned.
  • More dipping
    The final stage of cleaning is dipping the bottles in a food-grade solution.

And that's about it. This procedure makes sure that the bottles are absolutely clean and ready for reuse. So, they are dried, refilled with fresh milk, and ready to come to us the next morning.

Thanks to my teammate, we also recorded the entire mechanism for you to have a look. Here it is-

How Farmery Reuses Glass Bottles!

Hello, Facebook! <3 We are here to tell you about something you really wanted. ;) Buffalo milk is FINALLY in Glass Bottles now! 🐮😍 All our buffalo milk users can now enjoy the goodness of farm-fresh, buffalo milk at their doorstep in these bottles. But hold on! Do you know we reuse these bottles? Our cow milk users know ;) And they too wanted to know how do we exactly do it! So in this video, we take you through the entire process, with a sneak peek in the Farmery bottling plant. Tell us what you think about it in the comments below! ⬇️

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